The History of the Library, 1949-2010

Our library started its operation as the library of the Chemical Faculty of the Technical University of Budapest in 1949 as the reference library of chemistry and chemical industry with the assistance of Nagy Károly, the teacher of the Mineralogy Faculty. It got the name University Library at the time of the establishment of the Chemical University of Veszprém in 1951. Between 1950 and 1963 Mrs Straub Bodonyi Judit led the library. Then the library was under the governing of Takács Vilmos, manager. The next library directors were: dr. Kováts Zoltán from 1965 to 1981, Dömötör Lajosné dr. from 1982 to 1997, Egyházy Tiborné dr. from 1997 to 2009, then Tóth Gábor from 2009.  

In 1960 the library moved to the 2nd floor of Building B to the place that was even preliminarily planned and built to be a library. Soon it became a library and documentation department with a photo laboratory, a printing office and a bookbindery unified with an office of notes. By the year 1964, a stock extending, system and methodology group and a documentation service was established. The library belonged to the network of the Central Library of the Technical University of Budapest then it became an independent network together with the libraries of the faculties, college, university and the office library.

Szabadpolcos állomány

The system of the modern services of the library has emerged since 1965. It is connected to Kováts Zoltán who arrived from the Physics-Chemistry Faculty to the lead of the library. His scientist background marked his view of things, he approached the work of the library from the angle of the reader, the reference literature user, the information seeker researcher. He started to organise computer based information searching, which reached a nationwide and international admiration level by 1969. Computer observation service of the reference literature of chemistry was introduced in 1971 based on the magnetic band database called Chemical Abstract Condensates (CAC). In the 70’s the services of the library made an interacting system where the magnetic band reference literature observing was completed with document services, national and international interlibrary actions and a translation service. The first connection between the university Library of Veszprém and Lockheed (now Dialog), California database provider centre - which supplied from 60 million data, from 150 databases at that time - took place in 1982.


With the continuous and still continuing birth of faculties, since 1990, the target areas of the library has been widening covering humane, social and natural sciences. Establishment of the library background of arts, economy sciences and technical and informatics trainings started. The stock of the library was extended by several valuable inheritances such as the collections of Professor Nyíri Antal, Professor Halász Előd, and Professor Wolfgang Bachofer.

Humán olvasóterem

From the 90’s supplying the finances for library development has to partly be carried out through tenders. The library has been using the ALEPH integrated library system since 1993. It was acquired from tender source. This system makes every library action possible from acquiring to lending. Even the open online catalogue works in the ALPEH system.

The University of Veszprém and the Pannon University of Agricultural Sciences were integrated as a consequence of a government decision on 1st January 2001 under the of University of Veszprém and in this way the previous university libraries were united as well under the name of Library of the University of Veszprém. Furthermore the archives operating beside the libraries were united, too, and they are working on as a network.

The library cabinet, created with the support of the Ministry of Education, has been operating since 2002. Visitors can use the catalogues of Hungarian and foreign libraries, national and international databases and some notes published at University Publishing through the network.

Hallgatói kabinet

The name of the university was changed to University of Pannonia on 1st March 2006 while the official name of the library (Veszprém) became the University Library and Archives of the University of Pannonia. Our library is an open, nationwide and regional scientific reference library that operates as a network. The Library and Archives of the University of Pannonia (Veszprém) is the centre of the network which includes the faculty, institute, department, college, official and other deposit (Nagykanizsa) libraries working under the maintenance and the organisation of the university. The University Archives operates within the organisation of the library.

A Könyvtár új helyének átadása - 2006

Our library moved to a new, modern environment as the winner of the ‘Human resource development operative program’ (HEFOP) tender of 2006, to the Veszprém top campus of the university, to Building M (1 Wartha Vince Street). Installing the informatics network and the modernising of the cabinet came about from HEFOP resources. There are document stocks organised in a modern way, a pleasant reader room suitable for learning, researching and keeping presentations and conferences, worktops and services meeting the standards of our era, all of which await the readers in a 5-storey building with a size of 5000 m2.

Számítógépes munkaállomások az új könyvtárépületben

The primer task of the library is to provide information, reference literature to the tutors, students and researchers of the university and support the students of the university in acquiring skills of using modern information resources and reference literature. The activities of the library include planned stock extending, discovering, information about the own stock, information about database having online databases, providing electronic data media owned by the library. The library has also educational tasks: it organises library using courses, makes users know how to use the available databases and catalogues, it cooperates in the framework of Chemical information finding course and has trainings, performances on request.

The library controls the activities of the Publishing, the Press and the Bookstores of the University of Pannonia.